5 Problems That Marketing & Sales Alignment Can Solve


“Aligning Sales & Marketing” is critical to ongoing business success, but how does it impact you and your organization? 

Here are five problems that aligning Sales & Marketing can solve for you: 


Problem❌: Your sales team lacks direction on whom to target and when. 

Solved✅: Pipeline metrics provide your sales team with insights into when and which prospects are engaging with your content offers, social media, and website the most, generating a list of warm leads for your sales team.


Problem❌: Your sales and marketing teams work towards different goals with mixed messaging providing a poor first impression of your brand.

Solved✅: Regular collaborations between sales and marketing provide an opportunity to keep track of shared goals, share successes and obstacles, and suggest improvements to workflows. 


Problem❌: Lack of growth and Marketing ROI. 

Solved✅: Targeting warm leads through marketing metrics leads to hitting the right prospect at the right time and improving win rates (sales). In addition - marketing can be held accountable for ROI through marketing KPI tracking. 


Problem❌: Lack of seamless workflow creation and utilization. 

Solved✅: Housing Sales & Marketing under the same roof (CRM/Technology) allows for shared dashboards, reports, and customer engagement details, improving and simplifying workflows within both departments. 


Problem❌: Customers receive two different customer experiences between your sales and marketing teams. 

Solved✅: To improve connectivity and brand consistency aligning your teams will provide one single customer journey that will allow you to track the progress from the awareness stage all the way through client success and brand loyalty. 


By aligning your sales and marketing teams, you can expand your business beyond what each team could accomplish separately. When that happens, you are in the best position to extract the most value from prospects and customers and grow your business to new levels.